Monday, February 23, 2009

Catching Up

It has been forever since I posted on my blog. I really need to get back at it! There has been a number of things keeping me busy. First my sweet little furbaby has been ill. Max has had a fever of unknown origin for over two weeks. We have been to the vet a number of times, he is on antibiotics and aspirin and he seems to finally be turning the corner and getting better. I am keeping my fingers crossed...hoping this time will be the time he finally breaks the fever and gets back to be his playful self. I hate seeing him so sad and lethargic. This morning his temp was down and he ate his normal breakfast. Things might just be looking up!!

This is my Max!!

The second thing that has occupied lots of my time is a show ~ Nunsense! My church put on the show over Valentine's Day weekend. I played Sister Robert Anne.
You just gotta love the sneakers with the boa!! She was tons of fun to play! Here is the chorus line of the Little Sisters of Hoboken. I am in the middle.

I had a blast and I got to share the stage with some talented gals!! The audiences were great. They laughed and cheered and made us feel great. I think it was about the most fun I ever had on stage. I am sad it is over but I am already on to my next project.

I am producing a show at Buck Creek Playhouse. It is Dancing at Lughnasa. It is set in Ireland in the 1930's. Meryl Streep played in the movie version. We have a crazy talented cast and the show just gets better with every rehearsal. I spent most of yesterday painting the set. Today I feel like a truck ran over me!! It is kind of nice being behind the scenes this time. It is incredible watching all the pieces of the show come together. I will post pics when I get them.

With all that said, I actually managed to spend time in my craft room!! I made a make up bag and some key fobs that will soon be in my shop. I used to share the room with my husband's drum set which left little room to work in. I am happy to say the drum set has been sold and the room is all mine. I am looking to paint and rework where I have my furniture placed. That is for another day. Right now I want to catch up on the blogs I have missed.


Rose Works Jewelry said...

I hope your furbaby gets better soon! Sounds like you've been busy - but having fun!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Hope Max breaks that fever and gets back to himself!
Looks like you had a blast in your play...hope you have just as much fun with the next one!
And happy new space :) Nothing beats more room to craft!!!

storybeader said...

Hope Max is better as a write this. A lot HAS been going on with you! I love the theatre, and was always involved backstage. Don't know if I have stagefright - too scared to try! lol Congrats. on your new room - I can only wish...