Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Feature ~ Facebook Fan

This Friday's Featured Facebook Fan is......

Behind this beautiful Etsy shop is Cheryl Patterson! Here is a link to her Facebook Fan Page. She makes a variety of items from felted wool. She is a fellow Hoosier, too!

This is just a peek at her wonderful creations you can find in her Etsy shop...

Blue Flower Basket Handbag with removeable brooch

Cheryl ~ thank you for becoming a fan of Lucky Ladybug Designs! I hope this feature brings more fans to your page and your shop!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another Opening, Another Show

Some of you might remember that I love community theater. For the past few months I have been rehearsing for another show. Tonight we open to a preview audience. Here is my portrayal of Fruma Sarah in Fiddler on the Roof....

After the show, I hope I get a chance to catch my breath and get some crafting done!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Also Known As

As I was cruising around the internet to all my favorite sites; Facebook, Etsy, Indiana Auditions, Yahoo, Blogger, I realized I have too many identities!! Who am I? I am not quite sure I know. Here are some of my identities.
glorybe1024 ~ I used this for my main email account. You know, the one you don't give out when shopping online. I also used this for my Etsy shop which I signed up for before the birth of Lucky Ladybug Designs. I never thought to open another shop so I will just stick with the one I have.
Gloria Thomas Bray ~ my original identity that I use on my facebook profile. It has been wonderful to connect with friends I haven't seen since high school.
gjbdiva ~ This is my yahoo id. I use this email for offers online that I think will share my email. I have also used it for my shorten FB link I don't typically chat on yahoo but I could use it for that.
mamadiva ~ this is my name on, a great site for theater peeps in Indiana.
Luckyladybugdesigns ~ my fan page on FB and my fun little etsy shop. I also use Lucky Ladybug on Plurk!
That is all I can think of for now...I am sure there are a few I have forgotten. How about you? How many identities do you have?

Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Feature ~ Facebook Fan

Recently, I have been working on my Facebook Fan page. In order to get a simplified URL, the page needs 100 fans. What better way than posting on the Etsy Promotion forum. The response has been incredible! I am still getting people adding to the thread after 5 days!! I have a total of 167 fans and achieved my goal of shortening my link to
Along the way I have visited the pages and etsy shops of many extremely creative crafters. I believe in paying it forward to someone who needs some assistance in getting more fans for their Facebook page. My Friday Feature will be dedicated to one of those pages that needs some love to get to the 100 fan goal. I hope you will take time and visit the facebook page and shop of the featured artist.
Enough for the feature....(drumroll please!).....

This Friday's Feature is the Facebook page of......

As of today, this page has a total of 64 fans...and it deserves tons more!!! Please stop by and visit and fan this lovely Etsy artisan! Here is the link to her shop on Etsy!

Some of my favorites from her shop are:

I can't help but smile at The Knitting Sheep

I hope you have enjoyed exploring the world of MadeWithClayandLove. Become a fan and don't forget to heart her shop!!! I am sure she will return the favor!
Thank you for reading my blog. May you enjoy many blessings today and always!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Polka Dot Eggs - Blog Carnival 7-17

I have been considering what to write about hot dogs since it is National Hot Dog month and the theme for this installment of the Etsybloggers Team blog carnival. I thought and thought and then remember something from when my children were young. I was a single mom with two small kids and a very limited budget. At one point, we were on food stamps. I made a game out of it. I tried to shop for things so that at the end of the month I would have something left over...then we could enjoy some sort of treat! I came up with my special recipe to help stretch the grocery budget and give my children a decent meal. I created "Polka Dot Eggs"! They really aren't that difficult. Just slice up two or three hotdogs and warm them in a frying pan. Beat some eggs and add them to the pan. Cook them until done and serve with some toast with jelly. This was a quick dinner and the kids love it! Of course, Polka Dot Eggs sounded much better than scrambled eggs with hot dogs!
God bless!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lucky Ladybug Turns 2!!!

My little homespun business turns 2 today!!! It was on 7-7-07 that I officially named my shop Lucky Ladybug Designs! Here are some Etsy ladybugs I found today.
God bless!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Stocking the Shop

I spent today gathering up all the items I have been working on for the last few weeks and finally put them up in my shop at Lucky Ladybug Designs on etsy.

I have been crocheting tons of cotton can find sets of 2 or three.

This has to be my favorite new item...the Lil Ditty Bag with yo-yo embellishment.

Stop by and see all my new items! Remember that Christmas is only six months is the time to start your shopping.

God bless!