Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yo-Yo So Crazy

As I have posted here before, I am a novice at sewing. I go in my craft room from time to time and attempt to make some items I can possibly feel good about selling in my shop. Still nothing in the shop has come from my sewing machine. My daughter has gotten a few of my practice items but I knew there was still room for improvement.
I wrote about a creation I came up with called the Fat-Bottomed Zipper Pouch. My goal is to get some made and in my shop. Having a snow day yesterday got me a great start! I have ten pouches all cut, interfaced and ready to assemble once I get more zippers. That leads me to yo-yos...
I have a basket where I have some scraps and notions for sewing. I hadn't been in the craft room to work since before the holidays. As I was digging through my stuff I found this...

I had forgotten I had bought it on a whim when I was craft shopping months ago. That got me thinking...a very dangerous situation!!! I decided I would figure how this little beauty works and see if I, novice sewer that I am, can indeed make a yo-yo. This is marvelous and extemely easy to use. I gathered up my scraps and needle, thread and scissors and headed to the couch to watch tv and see if I could become a yo-yo master.

Two hours later I had twenty lovely little yo-yos in front of me and my brain filled with dreams of embellishing everything that didn't move...oh the creative juices are flowing once again. I can't wait to hit the fabric store to get some different sizes...the possibilities are endless!!!

What is your favorite sewing/crafting gadget?

My blessing for today is the gadget above...using has helped my creativity to come alive once again!

God bless!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Dog Max

This is my dog Max.
He is ten and a half years old.
He is a mixed breed.
Right now he is at the vet's office being tested for Cushing's Disease.
I am a little nervous but hoping for the best.
He has to be the sweetest and gentlest dog ever. Please keep your fingers crossed for him.

Monday, January 26, 2009

In Honor of Nunsense

I did a search on etsy for nuns and found a lovely shop by Nunofakind! How appropriate!!

I love Sister Holly Wood ------->
She is an actress!
This was too cute not to share with you all!
God bless!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Theater on Thursday

In honor of a lovely and talented young lady named Jessica who is celebrating her 20th birthday today, I did a search for items labeled THEATER and here are some of what I found.

from GretcheKramp
by Unresigned

Stitchmarkers by Babydragonjewelry

A sign by Countryworkshop

Enjoy the blessings this day brings and choose hope!
God bless!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Roseworks Jewelry - Featured Etsy Blogger!

Roseworks Jewelry...simply put...beautiful! I am in awe of Ruthie's creativity and talent! She is a very active member of the Etsy Bloggers Team. You can read her blog here.

A sampling of items in her shop...great photographer too!

She tackles many different techniques with ease and has a wonderful eye for color. I hope you will stop by her shop and blog to check out her latest creations.
God bless!!

What's For Dinner?

I love making soup! I also love eating soup! Many times I just get an idea in my head, pick up some ingredients and plug in the crockpot. There usually is plenty left over so I can freeze some for a later date. Once I figured out the basics of soup making, it was easy to get creative. Depending on what is on sale or in the pantry, my ingredients may vary. Use the list of ingredients as a guideline and get creative!!
Here is the one I made over the weekend. (the pic is from the net but it looks like the soup I made)

2 lbs of beef stew meat
2 cans of seasoned diced tomatoes

1container of beef stock
1 large sweet onion
chopped garlic
carrots - bite sized pieces
celery - chopped
add other veggies you may have on hand
instant barley - about 1 cup
bay leaves
seasonings - I use Herbs de Provence and lots of basil

I browned the beef cubes with a bit of olive oil then dumped them in the slow cooker. I sliced the onion and put it in the same pan with some butter. (I usually eyeball everything...not great at measuring) I like to carmelized the onions with some chopped garlic (I usually get the jarred garlic) Once that is finished I dump it into the slow cooker. I pour some of the stock into the pan and scrape the pan. Dump that into the slow cooker. I put the rest of the ingredients except for the instant barley into the slow cooker and put it on High. After about an hour I add the instant barley (I love this product!) Mix in the soup and let it simmer until the meat is tender. Enjoy!!
This makes for a stick-to-your-ribs kind of meal. Serve with some warm sourdough bread and you got dinner!!
God bless!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Valentine's Day

I don't really have one stand out Valentines Day. I do have a childhood memory that encompasses many Valentines Days growing up. Every year my father would bring home two heart shaped boxes of candy. One small one - very plainly wrapped. And one large one - usually decorated with bows or artifical roses and satiny material. Every year the small one went to my mom and the big beautiful one went to me. My mom and I laugh about it to this day. I guess you could say I was "Daddy's Little Girl"

He has been gone for fifteen years. I was blessed to have him for a father. He was my first Valentine. I really do miss him! Thanks Daddy!

Hope Not Fear

What powerful words. Hope not fear. How many times in my life had I made stupid, silly or downright wrong choices out of fear. Fear closes your heart off to so many wonderful possibilities. President Obama's speech today hit home in so many ways. Not just for the country but for me personally. The man is an inspiration.

The positive choice for anyone is hope. It comes down to the law of attraction. You can't be negative if you have hope. I know someone so full of fear that negativity is in every fiber of their being. The more you have hope, the harder it is to be around fearful people. They can tell you all the reasons you will not succeed. In your heart you will know they are wrong because of hope. Pretty powerful stuff hope is.

Have hope...the possibilities are endless...

Blessings continue to abound...
  • my unbiological sister...what would I do without her...she is always on my mind and in my prayers
  • is so often taken for shows us once again what makes our country what it is
  • having needs met...they always are in the most unexpected ways

God bless you all and have hope!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

No Title Necessary

I am not sure how to start this blog today. This is my first official 2009 blog! There are so much I want to say. This is a new beginning ~ a fresh start.
I love new calendars! There is something about hanging a calendar on the wall with nothing written on it. It is full of wonderful opportunities and adventures. I have a planner too! I order my year's worth of pages around October and I am giddy with excitement when I open the new pack and begin to sort the pages. Ahh ~ a fresh start.
There are many people that look back on the year that past and wonder what happened. I look forward to the blank days ahead just begging for some special notation. I look at the blank slate of the year ahead and think about what I can do better. Here are some things that have crossed my mind in this first week of 2009.
  • Really value my true and trusted friends. You know the kind of person I am talking about. The people that you can call at a moments notice, in tears, and they listen, understand and support you without judgement. You know you can share your deepest darkest thoughts and secrets and they will guard them with their life. I am amazed daily of how blessed I am with the wonderful loving people that surround me.
  • I want to follow through. I have plans and dreams...sometimes procrastination gets the best of me. I am going to follow through on the plans I have made.
  • Make time for prayer everyday. I do pray everyday but ususally in the car or somewhere else when there is some down time I will talk to God. I will have a specific time time to sit, be quiet, pray and listen. I remember a sermon in my past about praying isn't always about asking for things or talking to God. It is also about being still and listening for the answer.

My blessings are:

My friend ~ Sonja - you help me keep it real and lift me up when I am sinking low.

My friend ~ Mattie - you believe in me and to me that is priceless.

My friend ~ Deb - you live so far away but you still are my sistah!

I hope that you find peace, guidance and wisdom in this New Year!

God bless!