Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Also Known As

As I was cruising around the internet to all my favorite sites; Facebook, Etsy, Indiana Auditions, Yahoo, Blogger, I realized I have too many identities!! Who am I? I am not quite sure I know. Here are some of my identities.
glorybe1024 ~ I used this for my main email account. You know, the one you don't give out when shopping online. I also used this for my Etsy shop which I signed up for before the birth of Lucky Ladybug Designs. I never thought to open another shop so I will just stick with the one I have.
Gloria Thomas Bray ~ my original identity that I use on my facebook profile. It has been wonderful to connect with friends I haven't seen since high school.
gjbdiva ~ This is my yahoo id. I use this email for offers online that I think will share my email. I have also used it for my shorten FB link I don't typically chat on yahoo but I could use it for that.
mamadiva ~ this is my name on, a great site for theater peeps in Indiana.
Luckyladybugdesigns ~ my fan page on FB and my fun little etsy shop. I also use Lucky Ladybug on Plurk!
That is all I can think of for now...I am sure there are a few I have forgotten. How about you? How many identities do you have?


Rose Works Jewelry said...

It's mostly some variation of Rose Works Jewelry or Jedi Marri. I do have one that's jedi_in_hiding though... Oh yeah, and Kindred Spirit Treasures or KStreasures for the shop I share with my Mom. I guess I have more than I thought!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

For the most part I try and keep everything the same...but after thinking of all them...I do have several!
I have three emails accts. and I go by memoriesforlifeb, memoriesforlifescrapbooks, partyscrapper...I guess we all have several identities!

Very Verdant said...

Wow, I could not keep up with all that. My brain is too simple. I am all VeryVerdant

Patti said...

What a fun question you ask! Not only do I have several internet identities, but folks have called me by many variations of my first name and I've been nmarried three times so last names have changed as well. Sometimes I don't even know what to call myself!

Splendid Little Stars said...

identity crisis?
It IS fun to learn the real names of the people we are interacting with online.
etsy shops: Splendid Little Stars and Sparkly Park
But my friends know me as Margaret

Anonymous said...

I use PatchFirstShop for all social networks that involving my shop but I use my personal e-mail account as puk793.. I plan to open new account for my shop so it will be more organized..