Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sewing Away!!

I do believe that sewing is becoming my new crafting addiction! I spent Tuesday and Wednesday nights sitting at my sewing machine working on simple tote patterns. I broke two needles, messed with the tension, sewed up the wrong side, managed to work with the zipper foot, fixed a sweatshirt for my daughter, and ripped out a number of seams =) I am getting better…believe me. I actually made a mini tote that I gave to a co-worker today for her birthday. She loved it…it was the perfect size for her lunch!

Now that I am inspired to sew and create I headed off to the fabric/craft store on my lunch hour. I found some lovely fabrics in the remnants bin. One is soft paisley corduroy that looks like it will be fun to work with. I also bought some batting…my co-worker gave me some tips on quilting I might try this weekend if I get up enough courage. I also embellished some cloth diapers for burp cloths. Not perfect but I think I am on the road to getting some items in my shop.

I also have to work on some bracelets. I haven’t touched my beads in weeks. I want to get some holiday inspired items together. And there are a couple of paper projects I have been dying to try. Not enough hours in the day. Isn’t that always the way?

Right now the trainings are finished until the end of the month which should mean things are quieter at work. I finally had some time to organize my stack of papers and filing. I feel like I have a better handle on things. At home I need to get on the computer to download some of the pictures I have taken of my sewing attempts. I will only post them if you promise not to laugh!!

I need to count my blessings…I haven’t done so in a while. Let me see…

…learning something new! ~ I never thought I would enjoy sitting at my sewing machine as much as I do!

…fabric remnants and fat quarters ~ so many choices so little time!!

…my hubby and daughter ~ they are very complementary when I emerge from my craft room with a newly sewn item!!

God bless you all…I will venture around to your blogs sometime soon!!


uniquecommodities said...

Show us pictures chica! Great blog though! :)

glorybe1024 said...

Terronda - I will...if I ever download them from the digital camera!

Vickie said...

I read a quote the other day...Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing the ones to keep! Goodluck!

BeadedTail said...

I'd love to see your newest creations too!