Monday, December 8, 2008


It is Monday morning and I am exhausted! Busy, busy weekend ~ but all went well. Last night the concert was amazing!! I am struggling to find some Monday motivation. I am faced with a list of items to do at work and I am so not motivated! Hopefully, with a cup of tea and diving in, all will get done.

I didn't craft at all this weekend ~ maybe that is why I am feeling a bit low. I always feel so much better when I have touched my creative side. There is such a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when I complete a project. I really want to begin working on some Christmas gifts for the friends that bless my life. Thankfully, this week looks like I have two evenings I can do just that.

I am excited about a sewing project I have. I am calling it the "Fat quarter Fat bottom make up bag". I made one for my daughter (she always gets my first try at a new project). Then I made one for me with some improvements like a pocket inside the bag. It has a zippered closure and fits all my make up. Most bags are just too darn skinny and I can never close them. This just might be the first sewing item I will put in my etsy shop. I will get a picture and post it soon...sometime tonight I hope.

I am truly blessed!

~Music - such a blessing to be a part of a congregation that is soooo talented!

~Family - they can be quirky but I love them!

~Christmas - just the fact that we can celebrate any way we choose is a blessing!
Let me leave you with an etsyblogger team member, Tulips Treasure Box, and her amazing necklaces....check out the listing here

God bless you all!!


Rose Works Jewelry said...

I can't wait to see your make-up bags! They sound perfect :D Just a marketing thought, make-up bags are often perfect "take with me" craft bags for crafters... So you can market it both ways :D I store my bead weaving thread, small scissors, tape measure, current project, and other small items in a make-up bag. Of course that was $0.97 find at Wal-Mart... (oops! supporting big business!)

Jamie said...

Your make-up bags sound lovely! Yes, I always feel better when I can be creative too and I never feel like I get enough of it, hehe. Love those pearls from Tulips Treasure Box, thanks for sharing :-)
Happy Day to you!

TNT2008 said...

I look forward to seeing the bag! it sounds fun with a title like that:)

And great photo of Lily's beads; her store is so beautiful.

storybeader said...

great having a bag with pockets - and zippered pockets are special. Great pic of Lily's beads!

Vickie said...

Have a great Monday! Your zippered make-up bag sounds great!

Debra said...

My daughter gets all my "first trys" items too! She loves it.

I hope you are having a wonderful Monday.