Wednesday, January 7, 2009

No Title Necessary

I am not sure how to start this blog today. This is my first official 2009 blog! There are so much I want to say. This is a new beginning ~ a fresh start.
I love new calendars! There is something about hanging a calendar on the wall with nothing written on it. It is full of wonderful opportunities and adventures. I have a planner too! I order my year's worth of pages around October and I am giddy with excitement when I open the new pack and begin to sort the pages. Ahh ~ a fresh start.
There are many people that look back on the year that past and wonder what happened. I look forward to the blank days ahead just begging for some special notation. I look at the blank slate of the year ahead and think about what I can do better. Here are some things that have crossed my mind in this first week of 2009.
  • Really value my true and trusted friends. You know the kind of person I am talking about. The people that you can call at a moments notice, in tears, and they listen, understand and support you without judgement. You know you can share your deepest darkest thoughts and secrets and they will guard them with their life. I am amazed daily of how blessed I am with the wonderful loving people that surround me.
  • I want to follow through. I have plans and dreams...sometimes procrastination gets the best of me. I am going to follow through on the plans I have made.
  • Make time for prayer everyday. I do pray everyday but ususally in the car or somewhere else when there is some down time I will talk to God. I will have a specific time time to sit, be quiet, pray and listen. I remember a sermon in my past about praying isn't always about asking for things or talking to God. It is also about being still and listening for the answer.

My blessings are:

My friend ~ Sonja - you help me keep it real and lift me up when I am sinking low.

My friend ~ Mattie - you believe in me and to me that is priceless.

My friend ~ Deb - you live so far away but you still are my sistah!

I hope that you find peace, guidance and wisdom in this New Year!

God bless!


TNT2008 said...

I have that problem about being still. I want to talk, walk and keep on walking.

Myfanwy said...

Time for the Word, too. Read the Word and Listen. Yes, most important. (I'm talking to myself here!)

storybeader said...

great things to look forward to! Have fun with your calendars - I'm the same way - calendars get me excited, and I save them all. Now that's the archivist talking...

Rose Works Jewelry said...

New calenders get me excited too! Good luck with meeting your goals :) Especially the one about prayer!

BeadedTail said...

What a lovely 1st post of 2009! What wonderful goals too!

TiLT said...

Ahhh...I can just see that fresh new blank paper now...just waiting to be filled. Best of luck with the follow through - from one procrastinator to another - time to stay one step ahead of the Procrastinator Monster :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, a lovely post.

I am suprised to find out that there is more than just me who loves a new, fresh calendar.

I also use a date book open on my studio desk for all that I must remember. Otherwise...

Happy New Year and many blessings that come from quiet.


maryeb said...

Great post to start off the new year. I love how you list what you are grateful for.
And, I love new calendars too!

Flor Larios Art said...

I love new calendars too. I haven't choose one for this year. I am a little late...
Great post!
Wishing you the best!