Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hope Not Fear

What powerful words. Hope not fear. How many times in my life had I made stupid, silly or downright wrong choices out of fear. Fear closes your heart off to so many wonderful possibilities. President Obama's speech today hit home in so many ways. Not just for the country but for me personally. The man is an inspiration.

The positive choice for anyone is hope. It comes down to the law of attraction. You can't be negative if you have hope. I know someone so full of fear that negativity is in every fiber of their being. The more you have hope, the harder it is to be around fearful people. They can tell you all the reasons you will not succeed. In your heart you will know they are wrong because of hope. Pretty powerful stuff hope is.

Have hope...the possibilities are endless...

Blessings continue to abound...
  • my unbiological sister...what would I do without her...she is always on my mind and in my prayers
  • is so often taken for shows us once again what makes our country what it is
  • having needs met...they always are in the most unexpected ways

God bless you all and have hope!