Thursday, October 23, 2008

Not Much

I don't have much to say today...I have enjoyed reading and catching up on my bloggy friends' post. I found a tutorial for putting a fabric lining in a crochet bag here. This is something I definitely want to attempt. I love making bags but hate the way they stretch out once you load your wallet, keys, cell, etc into them. This looks like the answer to that problem.

Taking off from work early to take my daughter to the orthodontist. If the appointment goes quickly I might be home by 4:30. That will feel like I have tons of extra time at home. I have my to-do list...laundry is #1...want to tackle it today and not wait until the weekend. This weekend I want to work in my craft room...get my many piles of craft stuff organized and put away!!! Usually when I start going through my various yarns, papers, beads etc I find some inspiration. Who knows what I will come up with!!

Many blessings in my life at the moment...
~flowers at work from my hubby =)
~my daughter...I love her!!
~crafty never know when it will hit you!

God bless!!

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Anonymous said...

So sweet, telling your blessings. DH sent flowers to you at work just because? Isn't that the best!

I agree, I won't buy a crocheted/knitted purse w/o a lining.

Here's to being home at 4:30 and spending the weekend in your workshop.