Friday, October 31, 2008

Time to Catch Up!!

First of all ~ Happy Halloween!!! I hope you are ready for trick or treat tonight!! We have a bucket filled with candy for our lucky trick or treaters...I especially love the little ones dressed up like super heroes or princesses. I can't wait!

This week has been...well...BUSY! I work at a not-for-profit organization and we publish books about liberty, economics and political science. Not my idea of light reading LOL! We are in the process of switching to new software which means training and training and training. Four days of training from 9 to 5 each day. I have to be in all of them since I am the Assistant to the VP of my department. It has been a long week! All in all, it went well but I am glad it is over for now.

On Monday night, I went to the Encore Awards Ceremony. These awards go out to community theater. Sort of like the Tony Awards but you have to be an all volunteer organization. Everyone dresses up and has a wonderful time seeing all friends old and new. Each year there is a costume parade of all the shows nominated for Best Costume Design. I got to take part this year and modeled a costume from a show I wasn't in but got to see. What fun!! A show that I was in last year won for Best Musical Production!!! That was awesome! It was a fun night!

I have finallly started crocheting again...I am working on scarf #2 right now. I also got asked to do a custom order for a girl a work. She wants me to do a baby blanket for her friend. I whipped up some pattern swatches and she picked out the one she liked best. Now I need to get the yarn and get started on it. I probably should have it done by Sunday. It should work up quickly. This is the first time I am doing a custom order!!

I want to catch up with everyone. I have visited the etsybloggers' thread and it is way too long to even think about reading it all. I am going to try and visit everyone's blog posts this week and comment when I can. I have stopped by a few already.

Tomorrow morning we are getting up bright and early and heading south to Brown County, Indiana. It is called the Artist Colony of the Midwest. I love browsing through the shops! Lots of talented people in that town. It should be the perfect day weather-wise...not too hot and not too cold. I hope I can get some inspiration there too! I will try and remember my camera so I can post some pictures of our day trip!
I must say I have missed you all...thanks for being patient with me and stopping by. Now I need to go and catch up with all of you!

Blessings today ~

Halloween - just love the little ones all dressed up!

Family - how could I live this crazy life without their support?!

Friends - in life and on the net...friends are a treasure!!

God bless!!!


uniquecommodities said...

Thanks for bringing us up to speed on your life!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you make it all sound so very exciting!!!

Ditto you on family & friends.

My MIL moved from Brown County, where she worked in one of the shops you are likely to visit, back to Battle Creek, MI where she is from.

Small world indeed.


agoodwitchtoo said...

Congrats on your custom order! WOOT! Have fun in Brown County... take lots of pics to share with us :)

storybeader said...

sounded like a fun ceremony. So what were you wearing? Any pics?

And have fun tomorrow - it sounds like a blast!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Sounds like life's been super busy for you! Congrats on your custom order :) It's such a thrill to do one of those!

Anonymous said...

Now spill more beans cuz tag YOU are it! I've tagged you to spill the beans and share secrets! Share 7 secrets and tag 7 bloggers to share 7 of their secrets!

maryeb said...

I hope you had a nice trip. I didn't know that about Indiana.