Thursday, October 9, 2008

Random Thoughts

I really have no idea what I want to blog about so I will begin and see where this leads me.

My first thought is my bloggy friends! Isn't it interesting that I feel so close to you all and we have never met? What a blessing it is to have the ability to get to know people from all over the world that we would have never communicated with without the internet! Each morning after reading my emails, my next step is to check the blogs I follow and catch up on everyone's blogs. When I am unable to do that (especially when work gets in the way! Imagine that!) I feel like I have missed something that day. It is hard to put into words what a blessing this is to me. I have even got in touch with a "real-live" friend through etsy and blogging! Vicki is so special and she has two beautiful daughters! She lives in the same town as my mother and I never seem to get back there as much as I would like. The internet has made it possible to keep up on the happenings in her family's life.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a meet-up? I just want to give hugs to those that have been reading my humble thoughts and made comments. I wish there was some simple way to make it happen. Just another random thought!
I am loving Fall!!! The leaves are really showing off ~ this morning driving in there was more yellow, red and orange than even yesterday. My husband got out some of our Halloween decorations for the yard over the weekend and I have a happy not-so-scary scarecrow welcoming visitors by the front door. The chill in the air each morning is so invigorating! This weekend here in Indy we are expecting a warm-up to the low 80s. For now, it is wonderful to have the windows open with a gentle breeze blowing through the house.

I get so inspired by my friends that sew. I really want to be able to make some of the lovely items I see. After this weekend, the show will be over and I will be able to concentrate more on all my crafts. Right now I am searching the internet for easy projects that involve the most basic skills. I look at the beautiful things that involve zippers and such and I can only hope I will be able to master more difficult skills. The thought of even attempting a quilt makes me nervous. I can only hope that someday I will have the courage to dive in and make something resembling a quilt.

Enough randomness for today...make it an awesome day!!


blogs ~ I love reading all about my new friends

cool weather ~ just seems to make everything crisp and clean

crafting inspiration ~ it comes from the most interesting places!

from the Etsy shop of the very talented LazyTCrochet!!

God bless!


LazyTcrochet said...

What a wonderful surprise! Thanks for featuring my scarflette. Beautiful surprise floral arrangement too...congrats!

Vickie said...

Hi Gloria! Thank you for being such a great "real live" friend! I am always telling Lilli of all the fun we had! We had lots of fun! Remember celebrating our birthdays at Red Lobster with Heidi! You were the first friend I told I was pregnant! The list goes on and on! Well, I say we must try to get together and just have fun!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

I feel lost when I don't get to read up on my etsy blogger friends :)

Don't be afraid to try sewing! A basic quilt really isn't too hard - I have faith in you! 'Sides, just about every fabric store does classes on quilting, I bet you could take a class!

Carapace said...

Ignore Rose! Fear The Sew! It's all addictive, and then you end up with a fabric stash ten boxes deep. Learn from my sad tale!;)

glorybe1024 said...

LOL Cara!!! I have a drawer filled with fat quarters already!