Monday, August 11, 2008

Getting Busy!

I have gotten a start on I am excited to see that some crafters have added to their favorites. I have been surfing through my fellow INcrowders sites and I love what I see!! I am going to have to redo my photos. That should make my items more appealing. I have tons of ideas on what to do. I am going to work on getting my plan down on paper so I have a reference point to start from. I am still trying to figure everything out. Baby steps I guess.

I went to the Indiana State Fair on Friday and saw some beautiful handmade items. I am tempted to create some entries for next year. I still need to do some research on that. I think it would be fun to enter even if I didn't get a ribbon.

My craft room is coming along. I just need to get my husband's drum set sold so I can get the final phase completed...a nice easy chair in the corner to set and crochet :) I am going to try and get a picture of it in the next couple of days and post it on a couple of websites. If that gets sold I will have the room all to myself!

I did venture out to JoAnne Fabrics on Sunday...I decided I needed to get a few things to experiment with rubber stamping and card making. I spent too much but I think I have the basics to start. I tried a few things on Sunday. I need to get more info and some good tips for beginners.

My darling daughter begins her Sophmore year today...she turns 16 in 11 days...she reminds me of the count down everyday :) We have agreed to wait until she is 17 to drive...first she needs to find a part time job and save some money to help purchase a car and pay car insurance. She is perfectly happy right now with mom playing taxi cab. I can live with that for another year.

Have a wonderful day and don't forget to count your blessings!!

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