Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I feel thankful and blessed today! I am humbled by all the blessings God has given to me. With such abundance who could be sad. I have a wonderful husband who is the most giving person I have ever known. Is he perfect? No but he is perfect for me. Are there times when I am tested beyond belief? Yes but through faith comes strength.

I love theater...I think I have said that before here on my blog. I have found some of the greatest people through the community theaters around Indianapolis. These people are awesome. More than willing to give you a helping hand when you need it. Sharing the stage with their talent is an honor! Right now, I am rehearsing for The Mystery of Edwin Drood. The show is really going well. I can't wait until we get it put together with music and costumes. I am truly blessed to be a part of the theater community once again!

I am busy crocheting and crafting whenever I can. I am working hard on getting more items in my shop on I am still waiting for my first sale. It will come...I just need to be patient. I am trying to think of ways of promoting my shop. Any ideas would be welcome!!

God is good...God is good indeed! I am constantly in awe of the path He leads me. Somebody once told me "He will not lead you where He cannot keep you." I am reminded of that truth all the time. There have been times when all seemed rather bleak but through it all there was God. I kept my focus on Him and His plan for me and I have always ended up in a much better place than I ever thought I would.

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Vickie said...

Hi! God is good, isn't he! I am so glad you decided to start a blog! I love it! It is a ton of fun!