Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Things I Like To Do!

I love to craft...especially learning new crafts and techniques. I find out all I can by surfing the web and getting books on the subject. That is how I learned to crochet. Reading and lots and lots of practice. I absolutely love creating items with patterns I find or patterns I make up as I go along. I have actually written down a pattern for a dishcloth that I developed! I have been crocheting for almost 5 years. It is like therapy.

I love theater...especially musical theater. It is fun to go and watch a show and even more fun to be a part of a show. I have directed, worked as stage manager and performed in a number of shows. There is nothing like the thrill of stepping on the boards in front of a live audience. I am extremely lucky because in Indianapolis community theater is plentiful.

I love to sing...especially in the church choir. I find worship music to be inspiring. We have a beautiful and talented congregation and two incredible leaders of the music at our church. It is an honor to sing with everyone. Praising God with music is one of the best experiences ever!

There are a few things I like to do...I hope you enjoyed my entry!


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