Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Sweet Sixteen Emily!

My baby girl turns sweet sixteen today! In her honor, I am making my blog pink! My husband is extremely impatient and we had to give her her gift last night. A digital camera ~ in PINK! I had recently purchased one for my mother with Emily's help and she kept looking at the digital camera and commenting on the "pretty pink" ones. She had been using my 3 megapixel old camera that I had handed down to her when I got a new one last year. It took okay pictures but used batteries like they were going out of style (that's why I wanted a new one). She is now extremely happy to have a brand new camera she can call her own! No more hand-me-downs for her.

Tonight she has requested cheese pizza for dinner. So bet it! That means no dishes!!! And more crafting time!!! Jeff bought a small cake for her. Since I have changed to a low carb lifestyle (21 pounds gone for good, thank you very much!) I will not be indulging in cake. The pizza will be enough carbs for the next week and a half. If I eat something off-plan I try and stay away from sugar...I have been sugar free since June 3! We will just spend a quiet night and celebrate at home. Tomorrow I am taking her to a play in Indy. We will probably go to Starbucks first for a frappicino (sf of course!)

Being in a treasury has really gotten me even more excited about etsy and my humble little shop. The bracelet that was picked is one of my favorites. It is so cheerful and bright!

I hope you like it! This was one where I had to talk myself into putting it up for sale instead of keeping it.

Tonight...I am crafting!!! I really want to sew but I might do more bracelets. I have a small purse I want to finish...I just need to get the right ribbon to accent it. So much I want to do just not enough hours in the day!

Remember to count your blessings and you will find you are richer than you think! God is good...God is good indeed!

God bless!

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Vickie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EMILY!!! How time flies! Congrats on your treasury! It is so fun to make a treasury! Love the bracelet! Orange is Lilli's favorite color!
Love, Vickie