Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Project

I have been busy working with a new pattern. Of course I have to put my on spin on it! Here is the work in progress.

I should have it finished and in the shop this weekend. I am calling it my Go Green ~ In the Pink Tote. The different pieces worked up quickly so it may become a favorite pattern (if I can sell it!) I am still considering how to embellish it...I don't know if I like the sample shown with the pattern so I might get creative and do something else. Time will tell. I have crocheted it with 100% cotton yarn. I love working with cotton! I keep trying to pick up other yarns but I always go back to cotton. I love making the cotton sponges and dishcloths. I have about a dozen or so finished and ready for the shop. I may put them in coordinating pairs or a sponge and cloth together.

I will be heading out to the craft stores in search of some buttons. I have bibs that need buttons. There are a number of ladies both at work and church that are expecting and I need to get the bibs complete before the babies begin to arrive! I also want to get some in the shop.

This weekend is also going to be sewing project time!! I think I am ready to try and create some small items. I have found a few ideas online that don't require tons of experience. I figure I will start small and see how I do. If you have any suggestions on easy projects to sew I would appreciate the help. Email me at glorybe1024 @ (without the spaces, of course!) There are so many things I want to do...I hope I have enough time this weekend!

Thank goodness we will have a three day weekend!! I am so looking forward to that. I want to get chores etc done by noon on Saturday so that the rest of the time I can spend in my craft room. That means getting up early! I don't mind...I would much rather get the have-to's out of the way then I get to do my want-to's!!!

Tomorrow is Friday! Yippee ~ it seems this week has not moved very quickly. I hope that work will let us out early tomorrow. Usually on three day weekends they let us off around 3pm. It is so nice to get home before the traffic begins to snarl.

Thanks for reading my ramblings....God bless you and yours. Remember to count your blessings today because you are richer than you think! God is good indeed!

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Debra said...

Oh thanks for adding my to your blog list. I will add you to mine too.

I enjoy looking thru your blog and will be back often.