Thursday, September 11, 2008

Blog, Blog, Blog

I have to say I am not in a very bloggy mood today. I have made the rounds of the blogs I enjoy and I really don't have much to say.

Rehearsals are going well for the show...opening night is only two weeks away. I guess the nightly rehearsals are starting to wear me out. Thank goodness we have Friday and Saturday off! Sunday is Long Sunday...we start at 1pm and go until ??? which usually means 10pm or later. It is the day we get all the lighting and sound cues and props and begin with costumes. It amazes me how different it feels when all the "accessories" are added. We will break for a big pitch in dinner. I just need to get lots of rest on Saturday.

Went to Target at lunch hour today...found some $1 ribbon...I had to stop myself from buying them all LOL. Look around at the clothing and I really didn't see anything I thought was worth the money.

Even though I am tired, I am blessed beyond belief!
1. My friend Sonja - she is just a gem in my eyes!
2. My hubby - he has been out of work but does everything around the house and does it much better than me!!!
3. Salads - what can I say...I love my veggies!

God bless!!!


Crysto said...

I know how you must feel, those weeks when there's ALWAYS something that you have to do.. drink some tea and have a nice rest.. good luck with the show.. :o) Blessings!

Debra said...

I hope you are having a great Sunday!!