Monday, September 15, 2008

Ike Visits Indy!

Who knew that we would have to worry about Ike here in the Midwest? Yesterday the wind was blowing and the rain came down. Chicago has some flooding. Here in Indy we have power outages and limbs down. I am amazed that Ike still had a little kick in his step when he got to Indianapolis.

Sunday was Long Sunday at the theater. We had a costume parade to see how the costume looked under the lighting. Here are some pics.

It was so much fun playing dress up! I was given a beautiful silver dress with gold accents. I didn't get a picture of that one. I promise I will post more in the future. We still haven't worked out wigs and makeup. Once the whole looks is put together we will all look very Victorian.
We were about 2 hours into our marathon and guess what happened? We lost power. It seems that Ike had done a number on the transformers that served the area. Well, the show must go on so we took the shades off the windows and continue rehearsing. Dinner was a pitch in and we were able to keep the hot foods warm in the gas powered oven. No running water (meaning no flushing!) We called it quits around seven since we were losing light. We are hoping power is restored for this evening.
I have heard from one friend who lives in Galveston. She evacuated with her fiance and is waiting for word on their home. I hope they are one of the lucky ones. Keep her in your prayers!
As far as crafting, Saturday I did get a chance to finish a drawstring purse. I did what I typically do. I start off with a pattern then in the middle I get an idea on how to finish it differently. I think it turned out adorable. I got my sixteen yo daughter's seal of approval! I don't have a picture yet. Maybe I can manage to snap a few tonight before I head out the door once again for rehearsal. Two weeks before opening night my life gets just a bit hectic. Once the run starts I will have most of my evenings free during the week, thank goodness!
Blessings for today are:
1. Kate and John are safe from Ike!
2. The wonderful cast and crew of Drood...we made it through a shortened Long Sunday
3. An understanding husband...most of the time!
God bless!!

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