Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

Yesterday I told you about my new original design, Patty's Soap Pouch, suggested by my very first Etsy customer, Patty. She has a very lovely shop I sent her the green one I made yesterday and I whipped up two more last night with some of my favorite cotton yarn. I love these because they work up quickly. I managed to get them both posted in my shop this morning. Guess what?

I sold the green one!!! It was purchased along with two other listings by the same customer! I couldn't believe my eyes! Patty, my Etsy guru, gave me some great tips yesterday and it has paid off!

I still have the lovely bright pinks for sale. I am so excited because this was my original design! Today during lunch I was able to finish another. Someone told me that you could also use this as a cell phone cover....hmmmm, I may have to tweak it a bit to come up with something a little different for that but the wheels are turning. Watch out world, you never know what I will come up with next!

I think I am getting better at the photos. I am learning how to resize, crop etc. Like everything, it takes time and practice!

Well ~ on to today's blessings....
1. Sales!! I feel so validated as a crafter!
2. Beautiful crisp mornings ~ this morning it was cool and it really felt like the start of Autumn!
3. Patty ~ for suggesting the Soap Pouch...and for all the great tips for my etsy shop!

Go out and enjoy this whimsical Wednesday. Celebrate your blessings! God is good indeed!
God Bless!


Vickie said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your sales!!!!!

Tins and Treasures said...

Thanks for visiting my blog...
I love the soap pouches and anxious to see what you create next!

Anonymous said...

Good for you... I really do like your new designs and I would take both if I had not already purchased two!