Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Welcome September!

I love this time of year! September brings with it changes in temperatures and changes in scenery. I can't wait to see how Mother Nature paints her canvas of trees this year. I love how the mornings begin to have a bit of a chill and there is an anticipation and preparations for the celebrations to come.

This long weekend signals that end of summertime and marks the time to get ready for Autumn. I can't wait for the first glass of fresh apple cider from the orchard and a slice of pumpkin pie with a cup of spiced tea. This is my favorite time of year.

This weekend was productive in some ways and in other ways not. I did get some great fabrics at the craft store and spent the better part of the weekend in my craft room attempting to make various projects. I can now proudly say I have mastered the straight seam! I am feeling much more comfortable with the the sewing process but I know I have tons to learn.

I purchased a pattern! The lovely lady at the fabric store took pity on me and helped me with the items I needed to complete this project. There are a few details I need to research before diving in and beginning the creation! I will keep you posted.

I did work on the project mentioned in the post below. I have it completed and I will post a picture on my blog tonight for sure! I love how it turned out and I have another that needs to be assembled in tan and turquoise. This project worked up so quickly. I love things that take little time. I can lose patience with projects that take too long to complete.

I fiddled around with sewing so much this weekend that I only got on the computer once for a total of five minutes to check my email. I posted nothing new in my shop. Shame on me! I need to get busy! How can I make a sale when I am not working on my shop?

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and for those in Gustav's path, I pray you remain safe and return home soon!

Count your blessings!!! God is good indeed!

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