Saturday, September 20, 2008

Busy Saturday!

It has been a busy Saturday and it is only 3pm as I write this. I started this morning with grocery shopping. It pains me how much food is costing. I get less and less each week and spend more and more. I am sure you all are experiencing the same things. With that said, I got home and got everything put away and did some cleaning. Then I had to decide if I should hang out in my craft room or get some pics for the shop. I pick three items I have finished and got them posted in my shop! Here they are!

It was my first try at the embellished notecards and I really like how they look. It is a set of four with envelopes. My favorite is the sage bag with fun fur. I was making a purse from a pattern and got inspired and created this little bag.

Last night, I finally got out my beads and started on some bracelets. I haven't worked on my jewelry in quite a while and it was so much fun to get back into it. There are now a few more items to put in my shop. I may do that tomorrow. It takes me so long to get things up. If you have any suggestions on making it go faster, I am open....The three items above took me an hour!

We have a lovely little garden in our back yard that was supposed to be for flowers this year. Some of last year's grape tomatoes evidently went to see and my beautiful flowers and herbs were taken over by the grape tomato monster.

This is the monster!

We have had a bumper crop of grape tomatoes and we didn't even plant them. I hope to get them totally out of this garden in the Fall so I am not surprised next year by the Grape Tomato Monster! I can't believe my basil and sage. They just went crazy! I guess they were trying to keep up with the monster! We truly have been blessed with abundance!

Well I must be to get things geared up for dinner and then off to the theater to manage the house. I love it because I get to see the show for free!

Blessings for today

the grape tomato monster - even though it took over the garden the harvest is wonderful

groceries - even though I complain about the prices, I am blessed to have the money to pay for them and to keep my family fed. There are too many people in the world that can't do that.

Fun fur - it just makes me smile!!!

God bless!!!

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